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Focus On: Fresh Produce by Henry Sandercock 

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Publishing: 26 June 2021

Advertising deadline: 11 June

Submissions deadline: 4 June

The Story

Fruit & veg has never grown faster. The £10.2bn category has boomed during the pandemic thanks to the nation’s focus on health and the home-cooking trend. According to PHE, seven in 10 adults are motivated to make healthier lifestyle changes due to Covid and 40% of adults aged 40-60 said they plan to eat more healthily during 2021. How has the past year been for the industry? Which types of produce have performed best and why? And, crucially, will the post-pandemic bounce continue?

Key themes

Biggest growers: As Brits sought to boost their daily dose of fruit and veg during the pandemic, sales of citrus fruit, from clementines to lemons, soared as did blueberries, apples and strawberries. Meanwhile in the veg market, the big growers were broccoli, peppers and avocadoes. How is 2021 shaping up?

Supply chains: The closure of hospitality and foodservice during the pandemic diverted fruit and veg into grocery. To what extent was the industry impacted by the events of last year and how is it looking for 2021?

Merchandising: How are the mults and retailers merchandising fresh produce? Which brands are leading the way with more sustainable approaches to packaging and produce, such as wonky veg, and how are such moves resonating with shoppers?

Smaller retailers & veg boxes: How have smaller retailers benefited from Brits’ new working routines during lockdowns? Is the traditional greengrocer set to make a come-back on UK highstreets? And how have brands and suppliers benefitted from the popularity of veg boxes?

Better Health Campaign: The government’s Better Health campaign is targeting all adults with a focus on those aged 40 to 60. How is the push to eat more healthily impacting the fruit and veg industry and which brands and retailers stand to reap the rewards?