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Focus On: Lunchbox and Back to School

Publishing: 29 June

Advertising deadline: 14 June

Submissions deadline: 13 June

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Part One: Leftover Britain by Ash O’Mahony

The word leftovers has traditionally had negative connotations. No-one wanted to arrive in the office with a stale pizza from the previous night. That’s all changing. Leftovers are emerging as the new cool among the lunch crowd. A whopping 157 million lunchboxes now feature savoury food that was prepared on another day, according to Kantar data. So what is behind this surge in leftovers? So what does this mean for grocery? And how can it capitalise on leftover culture?

Consumer motivation: What is behind the sudden surge in leftovers? Is it down to awareness of food waste, consumers tightening their belts, a rise in awareness of packaging waste, or a mix of all of the above?

Growth points: Which areas are growing in this era of lunch austerity? For example, are canned and frozen proving more popular?

Adapting to modern mindsets: How can brands adapt to this consumer trend? Is there any way of adding value to leftovers? Or pitching themselves as a food waste solution?

Kantar reasons for consumption data: Why do consumers make the choices they do at lunch?

Kantar spend data: How much do consumers spend on lunch?

Streetbees poll: How consumers feel about lunches, sustainability and food waste

Innovations: We identify four new products or product ranges that ideally have not appeared in The Grocer before including launch date, image and RSP.


Part 2: Lunchbox police by Rob Brown and Natalie Brown

The lunchbox police is out in full force. Or so the headlines would have you believe. Barely a day goes by without reports of a child’s lunchbox item being confiscated for being unhealthy. So parents are putting more effort than ever into ensuring lunchboxes meet the school’s health standards. Considering children’s lunchboxes are back in growth this year, the issue will only become more important. So what effect is that having on lunchboxes? Who is winning out of this healthy living drive? And who is needing to adapt?

Guidelines: What is considered a healthy lunchbox item, and what is unhealthy? How easy are these principles for parents to follow?

Brands: How are brands adapting to this shift in consumer behaviour? How are they getting across healthy messaging?

Retailers: How have the retailers reacted? Are any making it easier to choose healthy options and, if so, how?

Innovations: We identify eight new products or product ranges that ideally have not appeared in The Grocer before including launch date, image and RSP.