Focus On: Organic

By Tom Woolman

Publishing: 13 July 2024

Advertising deadline: 28 June 2024

Submissions deadline: 22 June 2024

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Change is afoot in organic produce. This April, the Organic Trade Board rebranded as UK Organic (UKO). The newly created industry body is out to simplify messaging, raise awareness and create demand for certified organic products, including non-food items. Can the formation of the UKO be a game changer for the category? Is it likely to persuade more consumers to buy organic?

New industry body: How is UKO different from its predecessor? What are its top priorities? Do brands believe it can reinvigorate the category? How will it do this?

Cost of living: How has lower consumer spending affected sales of organic products over the last year – and with the economy en route to recovery, are sales bound to pick up? Beyond relying on the recession to ease, what have brands done to entice customers – how are they innovating?

Poisoned fruit: The poisoned fruits and veg PFAS pesticide scandal is bad news for consumers and greengrocers, but could it drive more people to buy organic? Has it had much knock-on effect for the category as yet? Who is benefiting?

Canned goods and chilled convenience: Amid falling volumes elsewhere in the category in the last 12 months, organic canned goods and chilled convenience have each seen more than a 13% rise in volumes. Why are these two categories bucking the trend – and how are they doing it so successfully?

Promotions: Volume deals in organic are up 16.7% over last year, according to Kantar’s take-home data. Is this a sustainable tactic for retailers? What other levers are they using to sell organic products?

Regenerative agriculture: Converting farms to fully organic is expensive. As result, many farmers are looking into regenerative agriculture as a more sustainable, if not-quite-organic option. Is regenerative agriculture a stepping stone into organic? How might if affect the category?