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Focus On Winter Remedies by Camilla Douglas

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Publishing: 14 September

Advertising deadline: 2 September

Submissions deadline: 26 August


The Story

Tablets are old news. Or at least they are in the world of winter remedies. Today’s aisles are packed full of new and innovative ways to beat the sniffles – from teas to plug-in vaporisers, inhalers and sprays. And it’s not just for people who have succumbed to the latest bout of illness. There are plenty of new preventative products on the market, including dissolvable tablets and various immune-boosting gummies. By commanding a higher price point, these new formats are boosting value in an otherwise flat market, according to Kantar figures. So why are these new formats appealing to consumers? What are they offering that tablets don’t? And who is winning from this new approach?

Main themes

Innovation: Who has brought out new formats? What do they offer beyond a standard tablet?

Brands: Who is up? Who is down? And most importantly, why?

Consumer attitudes: How do consumers feel about these new formats versus traditional tablets? Are these other remedies in some way perceived as more natural? Or more effective?

Decongestants and cough treatments: Prices are up in both areas. Why?

Cold treatments: The only growth has come from own label options. Why? Have retailers upped their game, or are consumers simply becoming more aware of own label alternatives?