The top ten petfood brands recorded in featured promotional space in 2006 were Felix with 25% of activity, Whiskas with 18% and Pedigree with 13%. Winalot, Perfect, Butchers and Iams took a 6% share each and Go Cat and Purina took 2%.

The 'save' mechanic accounted for 48% of total petfood promotions in 2006, 'x for y' for 42%, and 'buy-one-get-one-free' for 4% of offers.

Extra-free offers accounted for 3% and half-price and special price promotions both had 1%.

When looking at which brands favoured the different types of mechanics last year, Felix, Whiskas, Go Cat and Butchers all preferred 'x for y', which accounted for more than 60% of their activity.

Iams and Pedigree favoured 'save' and Purina offers were geared towards half price.

Activity in the petfood category that was captured by Assosia for this issue (2o/21 January) shows Pedigree had the most activity with offers in Somerfield and Morrisons using the save mechanic.

Go Cat was available in Tesco and Somerfield on featured space promotion. Somerfield used ladder racks and 'x for y', with Tesco favouring a pallet display and the 'save' mechanic.

Whiskas, Wagg and My Cat all recorded 13% of offers last week in this category.

Whiskas Pouches 12-pk were present in Somerfield displayed on ladder racks with the 'x for y' mechanic.

Wagg dogfood again favouring the ladder rack display with 'save' offered in Asda. My Cat Gourmet was on offer in Morrisons.

Sainsbury's had allocated the most promotional featured space to the petfood category overall, with offers including Perfect Fit 750g on Gondola Ends, Iams 12x100g on ladder racks and Felix Pouches 12x100g also available on ladder racks within its stores.

Perfect Fit and Iams both had 'save' as their preferred offer while Felix used 'x for y'.