My owner was so astounded by the price of Felix milk ­ 59p for 200ml (the equivalent of £2.95 a litre) ­ that she was tempted first of all to keep it for herself and put it in her tea. "It's outrageous, it's more than 10 times the price per litre of our household milk from Sainsbury," she screeched. "What's it got in it? Gold dust?" The label says they've taken out most of the lactose to make the milk more digestible for cats, particularly ones with dodgy stomachs, and have put in extra ingredients like ash, minerals and and various sugars'. "Well, here goes, you'd better try and drink it," she said, tipping a trickle into a bowl. Now I'm a Russian Blue cross, an oriental type with a reputation for not getting on too well with cows milk on a regular basis. Consequently I'm never given milk. My favourite tipple is water ­ the more mature the better. I prefer to lap it up from drain covers outside, or failing that I get in the bath and drink the drips that collect around the plug hole. I generally shun the fresh bowl of water that's put beside my food every morning. Too fresh. Well, as you can imagine, being given a saucer of milk really upset my routine. As it was next to my food, I gave it the benefit of a sniff and decided to take firm action to express my opinion. I rushed into the garden and came back with a greenfinch wedged in my mouth. That sort of thing really upsets my owner! There was a terrible commotion while the entire household chased me round the dining room to retrieve the bird. They finally got it away from me, and I was left to try the milk. Over the next two days, I gave it a couple of surreptitious licks when no one was looking. A thin, dust laden film eventually formed over its surface.... {{MARKETING PRODUCTS }}