A new five-tier vegetable brand aimed at inspiring shoppers to cook with more fresh veg has been unveiled by Fenmarc.

The Very Very Veg Co is the first consumer-facing retail brand that Fenmarc, a major supplier of own-label produce to the multiples, has launched. It is targeted at a broad spectrum of consumers, from those who rarely prepare food from scratch to more experienced home cooks.

The brand comprises Everyday Favourites, Easy Peasy prepared veg, Small and Sweet baby veg, Organic, and Unearthed Treasures unusual veg such as the Rudolph potato and the 'rainbow' carrot. The range would revive consumer interest in buying and preparing veg, said Fenmarc director Gary Crickmore. "It is very much about trying to entice new cooks into the produce sector so they won't go straight on to ready meals and convenience foods."

Preparation tips and recipes feature both on-pack and online on a website designed to inspire consumers. The company will also use Twitter to engage directly with the public.

In designing The Very Very Veg Co, Fenmarc had taken inspiration from other innovative fresh brands such as Florette. "From research we did, Florette was clearly the only unprompted fresh produce brand consumers were aware of," said Crickmore. "They've got a key area of success we wanted to learn from that," he added.

The Very Very Veg Co. would achieve "significant penetration" within three years, said Crickmore. However, own-label supply would remain a significant part of its business going forward.