A Greek dairy supplier has unveiled plans to shake up the Feta cheese category and capitalise on its new Protected Designation of Origin status.

FAGE, the Greek dairy giant behind the Total Greek Yoghurt brand, has introduced a new addition to its Feta cheese portfolio.

Unlike other Feta products, the 400g pack of the cheese, which will sit alongside its existing 200g format, contains two chunky slices of Feta in brine packaged in a resealable tub.

"The resealable margarine-style tub means the cheese sits in brine and stays fresh in the fridge for longer without drying," said a spokeswoman for the brand.

"FAGE wants to introduce innovation and encourage consumers to try something new when it comes to Feta. This format better resembles the traditional Greek method of storing Feta."

FAGE said it wanted to grow awareness for the brand in the UK and was currently working on securing more listings for the new product.

The new 400g variant is already listed in Waitrose, priced at £4.99 a pack, with an initial promotion offering £1 off.

From 1 October, only cheese made in Greece using authentic ingredients and processes has been allowed to call itself Feta, following the EU decision last year to give it Protected Designation of Origin status.

British cheese manufacturers, which argued that Feta should not get protected status because it is made to a recipe rather than in a specific place, have been investing heavily in new names for their Feta-style products.

Yorkshire manufacturer Shepherds Purse Cheeses, which appealed the decision in the European Court of Justice, but lost its battle in March, has spent £30,000 rebranding its product as Fine Fettle Yorkshire Cheese.

Dairy giant Arla branded its Feta products as Apetina earlier this year and is investing more than £2m in a marketing campaign to promote the new name.