India’s largest instant coffee manufacturer is planning a push into the UK retail space after buying a collection of brands from Löfbergs Group.

CCL Products (India) has acquired brands including Percol, Rocket Fuel, Plantation Wharf, The London Blend, Perk Up and Percol Fusion from Food Brands Group, a subsidiary of Löfbergs Group for an undisclosed sum.

The company said the deal will give it access to major supermarkets in the UK, which is Europe’s largest instant coffee market with annual retail sales of £665m.

The current range under the flagship Percol brand currently comprises of instant coffee, roast & ground coffee and coffee bags.

CCL had been a preferred supplier of some of the brand’s SKUs and blends in the past.

Commenting on the acquisition, CCL CEO Praveen Jaipuriar said: “We’ve had tremendous success in developing a consumer brand proposition at home and welcome the opportunity to develop a similar approach in other markets by adopting and improving local brands.

“Percol is an exciting venture and a brand with undoubted favourable heritage. In close cooperation with our UK sales and marketing partner we will innovate, introduce new products, and focus on B2C and B2B marketing to realise value for our shareholders, employees, partners and clients.”

Daniel Styrenius of Löfbergs Group added: “Percol is a tremendous brand and one which we are proud to have been the custodian for since 2013.

“The sale allows us to focus on the Löfbergs Roast & Ground and Whole Bean business which is growing rapidly in the UK.”

CCL India is one of the world’s largest private-label coffee manufacturers, with sites in India, Vietnam and Switzerland supplying over 400 trade clients in 90 countries.

The group recently passed the US$1bn market cap mark on the Indian Stock Exchange.