Chocolate aisle

Ultra-processed foods including chocolate bars should be labelled as “addictive substances” to help tackle soaring global obesity rates, a team of scientists have argued (The Times £).

Labour’s new environment team says it will take on big businesses and supermarkets in order to halt pollution and stop farmers from being ripped off if it wins the next election (The Guardian).

Corks are popping at vineyards across England as winemakers toast what is set to be the biggest grape harvest ever (The Mail). But Chapel Down boss says record harvest is down to global warming.

Cash-strapped Britons are cutting back on eating out and reining in on buying takeaways to save up for the expensive Christmas season splurge (The Guardian).

A third wave of inflation is looming after oil prices spiked following Hamas’s deadly attack on Israel, economists have warned (The Telegraph).

The Midas shares column in The Mail backs Tesco and reckons there is more good news to come as the squeeze on consumers eases.