National Lottery pic

The incoming operator of Britain’s National Lottery said it expects to initially fall short of promises it made bidding for the lucrative government contract as it prepares to take control of the country’s largest distributor of charity funds (The Financial Times £).

Prices charged by food and drink manufacturers fell last month at the fastest rate in more than three years, boosting hopes that inflation in food prices will ease significantly (The Times £).

The UK risks violent uprisings in coming decades unless there is adequate food security planning, a study has claimed (The Times £).

Marks & Spencer plans to recruit 10,000 temporary workers for the Christmas season, with the retailer gearing up for bumper demand this year (The Mail).

This would be 40 per cent more workers than it hired last year, M&S said (The Times £).

Debt-laden Rite Aid filed for bankruptcy protection on Sunday and said it would close underperforming stores, as the drugstore chain comes under pressure from lawsuits alleging that it helped fuel the US opioid crisis (The Guardian).