Eggs shopping

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British eggs now cost almost a third more than a year ago, reports The Guardian

The Guardian asks ‘why are eggs so expensive?’ in a feature. The paper’s writer talks to a farmer with 14,000 chickens. “British eggs now cost almost a third more than a year ago. But that hasn’t stopped producers from going bust, or getting rid of their flocks. Who or what is to blame, apart from Putin, feed prices, the supermarkets … ?”

Food banks are having to buy groceries at high prices because donations fail to meet demand from families in need. The Trussell Trust said 13% of food in emergency parcels was bought, whereas before the pandemic it was all donated (BBC News).

The UK’s double-digit inflation has begun to come down, figures out next week are expected to show, and it will continue to fall sharply in coming months, according to the governor of the Bank of England (The Times £).

British shoppers looking to cut the cost of big purchases are travelling to the Continent where tax breaks are still offered (The Times £).

Pizza Express is facing a rebellion from employees after announcing a cut to hours for hundreds of waiting staff before 5pm – handing their duties over to restaurant managers (The Guardian).

Mitchells & Butlers has been tipped to gain “material market share” after delivering a pick-up in sales in the first half of its financial year (The Times £).

Mitchells & Butlers has reported weaker half-year profits following added inflationary pressures and the end of a temporarily lower VAT rate on hospitality businesses (Mail).

San Francisco has reached a $230m settlement with Walgreens over the corporation’s role in the city’s unprecedented opioid crisis (The Guardian).