Marks & Spencer’s new sustainability plan come under focus in The Guardian this morning on another quiet day for retail news in the papers. M&S has pledged to raise £25m for mental health, heart and cancer charities, and halve food waste across its operations by 2025, as it steps up its ethical commitments under CEO Steve Rowe. To read The Grocer’s coverage of the new Plan A click here.

Wine lovers are suffering a Brexit-related hangover as the price of the average bottle has soared since the referendum to hit an all-time high of £5.56, says The Guardian in a story headlined ‘Chateau Brexit?’.

The Financial Times features a story on how Walmart is deploying people and technology in the online battle with Amazon. “While Amazon is pushing the boundaries of drone delivery to expand its leadership in ecommerce, Walmart’s battle to catch up has led it to a lower-tech solution: have store employees deliver online orders to shoppers’ doorsteps,” the paper writes.

A consumer affairs story in The Guardian reports that the government has been privately warned by European port officials that exporters to the UK have been shrinking the size of products such as chocolate bars and fruit juices since the Brexit vote but not reducing the prices they charge British consumers in the shops.

A quiet end to the week for grocery and retail news in the papers, but The Financial Times reports that PM Theresa May is seeking to stem Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s surge in the polls with an optimistic Brexit vision in an attempt to put the spark back into the Conservative election campaign.