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Retailers have said shoplifting is now so widespread that it is adding 6p to every store transaction (The Telegraph £). Shoplifting has hit a record high of 1,000 offences a day, an unprecedented 25% increase in a year, official figures showed on Thursday.

The number of shoplifting offences recorded by the police soared by 25 per cent over the past year but the rate of cases solved has fallen (The Times £).

An opinion column in The Guardian says that after 13 years of Tory law and order, there has never been a better time to be a criminal. “Ministers won’t accept their failure on crime. But when M&S hires former cops to guard its steaks, that failure is plain to see.”

Eating red meat only twice a week significantly increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, new research shows (The Times £).

The proportion of children who are obese when they start school is among the lowest in almost two decades, new figures show (The Times £).

There is growing anxiety among companies in the food industry that are scrambling to work out how to respond to an uptick in demand for weight-loss jabs, particularly after Walmart, America’s biggest supermarket, said they were causing a drop in food sales (The Telegraph £).

The maker of Marlboro cigarettes continues to operate in Russia, citing restrictions over the terms of a divestment (The Times £).

The effect of higher prices on consumers’ spending worldwide has applied a brake to the pace of rising sales at Nestlé (The Times £).

Britain’s appetite for having food delivered to its door is returning, driving a recovery in sales at Deliveroo, one of the country’s biggest operators in the sector (The Times £).

Petrol retailers have been accused of “greed” by the AA amid claims they are failing to pass on falling oil prices to drivers at the pumps (The Telegraph £).

Many English winemakers say they are expecting to harvest their biggest ever crop over the next few weeks as a combination of favourable weather conditions and expansion boosts production (The Guardian).

A new design of human-shaped robot capable of lifting and moving items is being tested in Amazon’s warehouses (The Times £).

Sales at Matalan have stalled as people shop less amid the cost of living crisis and “unseasonable” weather (The Times £).