Seven of the top ten global food manufacturers made more than two thirds of their food and drink sales in Britain from unhealthy products, a study by Oxford University has found (The Times £). The businesses are responsible for more than 90% of online advertising spending in this country on chocolate, crisps, biscuits and ice cream, with many promoted to children.

British government plans to require all meat and dairy products sold in the UK to be labelled “Not for EU” consumption will raise food costs, hit exports and deter investment in domestic food manufacturing, according to a letter to ministers from the Food and Drink Federation (Financial Times £).

Britain is facing an orange juice shortage this summer as a “greening disease” hits global crop supplies (Telegraph £).

Mondelez’s CEO has said in an interview with the Financial Times (£) that investors do not “morally care” whether companies continue to do business in Russia, and that the company’s own shareholders had not pressured the chocolate maker to leave the country after its invasion of Ukraine.

Taxpayers will be forced to pay millions of pounds to sacked staff at The Body Shop as administrators oversee a drastic restructuring of the collapsed chain (Telegraph £).