Perfect weather conditions may have made British strawberries taste extra sweet this summer but growers say that they have been left with a bitter taste in their mouths after supermarkets failed to pass on rising prices (The Times £). The Association of British Berry Growers accused supermarket chains of failing to increase the amount they pay for strawberries this year despite putting up the price on shelves by an average of 11%.

The Grocer’s Daily Bread blog says Britain’s strawberries are at risk unless a fair price is paid. “This strain is not isolated to berry producers, however, but is indicative of wider issues facing the entirety of the UK’s fresh produce supply chain. And it’s going to get worse.”

Plant-based milks contain less calcium and vitamin D than cow’s milk, scientists have found in the largest study to date of its kind, with researchers in the US examining 233 plant-based milk products made by 23 brands. They said people who switch to non-dairy options such as almond, oat and soy milk are at risk of missing out (The Times £).

Ocado shares have soared to their highest level since January after the online grocer reached a settlement with AutoStore over robot patent litigation claims (The Mail).

The settlement of a long legal battle over robot patents — and the £200m that will be paid to Ocado Group as part of the deal — sent shares in the grovery delivery business soaring to a near-six-month high last night (The Times £).

Cranswick has lifted annual guidance following solid first-quarter performance, but the food producer expressed caution about current economic conditions (Mail).

Pig prices hitting record highs are set to lift annual profits at Cranswick above its previous forecasts (The Times £).

The Questor shares column in the Telegraph tips “unsung hero” Kitwave as a ‘buy’. “This nimble wholesaler can hold its own against large rivals and offers steady growth potential.”

UK economic activity slowed sharply in July as rising interest rates hit consumer spending and a manufacturing downturn deepened, a closely watched survey has shown (Financial Times £).

Economic activity in the UK’s private sector fell to a six-month low in July as interest rates and uncertainty about the state of the economy hit companies, raising recession warnings (The Times £).

Inflation is now being driven by higher wages as companies pass on rising salary costs to their customers, bosses have warned (Telegraph).