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Source: The Sea Group

Sea Smoked’s packaging is made from natural products including eucalyptus fibre and cassava starch

A new SKU claiming to be the UK’s first 100% plastic-free smoked salmon product has been listed in Booths.

Sea Smoked, which contains salmon sourced from Wester Ross Fisheries in the Scottish Highlands, hit shelves in the northern retailer’s stores this week (rsp: £4.85/100g).

The NPD’s packaging, which is made from natural products including eucalyptus fibre and cassava starch, is said to be fully recyclable as well as home compostable and biodegradable.

It has been launched by Sea Group, whose founders Daniel Pawson and Dominic Smith also brought Ocado and Budgen’s-listed Sea Chips to market in 2017.

“We’re excited to launch Sea Smoked, the UK’s first completely plastic-free packaged smoked salmon, helping consumers to make more sustainable food choices when shopping,” said Pawson.

“Smoked salmon is an essential staple in many households across the UK but the packaging is notoriously unsustainable. We’re glad to be able to bring smoked salmon into the modern era with a plastic-free makeover, whilst still delivering a quality product.”

The brand has pledged 10% of its profits would go towards charity The Ocean Cleanup among other ocean cleaning charities.

Sea Smoked is also set to become available nationwide DTC through its own website.

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