Young’s Seafood has announced it is closing its Cromer Crab Factory, leading to the loss of 109 jobs.

With the exception of the famous Cromer crab itself – which will still be processed locally – the shellfish processed at the site will be transferred to Young’s factory in Grimsby.

The closure, which is set to take place between June and August, comes after an eight-month consultation on the future of the site.

Young’s said closing the site and transferring production to Grimsby was the only financially viable and sustainable option  for the long term. “We have looked long and hard at this and I’d like to stress that this move does not, in any way, reflect on the committed and experienced team in Cromer,” said Young’s chief operating officer Pete Ward. “Shellfish processing remains important to our company, as we consolidate shellfish processing in Grimsby. Our priority is to continue to fulfil customer contracts, alongside ensuring that the employees affected by this announcement get the support they need by working closely with them, local agencies and other key stakeholders.”

Young’s said it was committed to keeping the processing of Cromer crab local but was still working out the best option. It is also looking at how people in Cromer could be given the right to use the Cromer crab brand in the future.

In addition to the closure of Cromer, Young’s has also announced it is closing the former Cumbrian Seafoods sites in Seaham and Whitehaven, with volumes also set to be transferred to Grimsby as the company consolidates its footprint.

Young’s Seafood CEO Leendert den Hollander said: “Today’s announcement on our footprint consolidation is about achieving the most robust and sustainable manufacturing operating model for the long-term.  We have made some tough choices about our manufacturing operations, as we have adjusted to the new reality in the macroeconomic environment and to achieve our long-term objectives. Whilst we recognise that the general economic environment remains challenging, we’re confident that we’re taking the necessary steps to put us on the right track for the future.”