Florette is bringing a multicultural twist to the bagged salad market with a new A Taste of... range, featuring combinations inspired by Italy, Morocco, India and Thailand.

It is also launching two snack salads, sporting the name of diet and health TV programme You Are What You Eat, as well as updating its seasonal bagged range with recipes created by chef Raymond Blanc.

The company is backing the brand with a £2.5m media spend, including TV ads featuring the Raw Passion in a Bag slogan. A seven-week burst will kick off next week, with further runs in midsummer and before Christmas.

The brand has also received a packaging makeover including a new logo.

Going into stores in the middle of next month, the 135g to 160g A Taste of... bowls, have an rsp of £2.19, while the new snack salads are £1.99.