Thai prawns

Coldwater prawn prices have come down slightly month on month but remain 20.8% above last year’s levels due to lower supplies as a result of reduced 2015 Total Allowable Catches (TAC) in Greenland and Canada.

Norwegian haddock prices are down 31.5% year on year due to increased catches. The TAC for the Barents Sea - Norway’s main haddock fishing area - rose 25% in June 2015, totalling 223,000 tonnes. The 2016 TAC is forecast to rise 9% year on year to 244,000 tonnes.

Sardine prices are down 21.8% year on year as a result of a higher anchovy biomass in the Bay of Biscay - France and Spain’s main anchovy fishing areas. The biomass is estimated at 142,000 tonnes, up 60% compared with last year.

Good catches for whiting in Norwegian waters pushed prices 20.3% down year on year in the UK. However, prices have increased 4.4% month on month due to increased summer demand.