baked beans

In the cost of living crisis more people are turning to store cupboard staples, but that’s no protection against inflation: the price of baked beans and long-life milk continued to step up at above-inflation rates this week.

The Grocer’s latest Key Value Items tracker showed that the price of own-label baked beans increased in Asda from 45p to 50p, and in Tesco from 44p to 49p (though in Tesco, a Clubcard Prices offer means Clubcard holders can buy four tins for £1.30).

It’s the latest in a series of price hikes the supermarkets have implemented on the staple. On 12 December, beans at Asda and Tesco were 56% more expensive than on the same date the previous year. This time a year ago, beans were 32p at Asda and 31p at Tesco.

Discounters are also raising prices however. Long-life skimmed milk increased in both Aldi and Lidl, up from 69p to 79p. Long-life milk has increased by an average of 39% year on year, but by 58% in the discounters.

In fact, the cheapest long-life milk is no longer in Lidl and Aldi: in Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco, skimmed milk is still selling at 69p a litre.

Eggs increased in price again this week in several retailers, after a series of price increases in recent months. A pack of 12 free-range eggs in Aldi increased by 6p and a six-pack increased by 10p. In Waitrose, the 12-pack increased by 15p and the six-pack increased by 10p.

Household items also saw price increases.

Andrex toilet tissue has increased in Tesco from £5.60 to £5.75. The toilet paper has also come off promotion in Asda at £6.19, after being £5.25 on promotion.

Own-label laundry liquid saw price increases in both Aldi and Sainsbury’s. Aldi has increased the price of its laundry liquid from £2.49 to £2.69, though the discounter still offered the cheapest laundry liquid of the retailers surveyed.

Sainsbury’s increased its laundry liquid from £3 to £3.55. Own-label laundry liquid increased in price by an average of 22% year on year.

Asda and Morrisons both had a number of products go off promotion this week. In Asda, Herbal Essences shampoo was £3 on promotion, and was £4.50 on 12 December. Pampers nappies were £6.50 on promotion, which has increased to £9 off promotion.

In Morrisons, Yorkshire Tea came off promotion at £8.25 – on deal it was £5. Birds Eye fish fingers were £3.99 after a promotion of £3, and Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut cereal was £3.30 after a promotion of £2.50.