poundland astonish cleaning products

Source: Poundland

This includes own label and branded items such as Astonish cleaning products, which are made in Bradford

Poundland is appealing to customers who want to buy British as Brexit looms, by signposting UK produce.

Shelf barkers showing the union flag and the words ‘Britain’s Best’ are being introduced to stores this week.

Products signposted include Poundland’s own-label brioche - made in Milton Keynes - along with the variety discounter’s Twin Peaks chocolate bar and Welsh mineral water. Branded products include Colman’s mustard.

Astonish cleaning products, made in Bradford, and Quantum toilet rolls from the Leicester Tissue Company are also getting the treatment.

Poundland said it had been preparing for higher tariffs on EU imports and the variety of British-sourced products in its ranges would help it maintain low prices.

“We’re British and where possible we source here in the UK - that keeps our costs low and enables us to keep delivering the amazing value we promise customers,” said Poundland trading director Tim Bettley.

“Whatever the politicians decide on tariffs, we’re ready. Regardless of the Brexit outcome, we will continue to deliver the best value possible to customers.”