Asda is the cheapest retailer for the third week in a row with a basket cost of £45.07.

It remained the lowest priced due to cheaper fresh produce than the other retailers, a pricing trend evident in The Grocer 33 for ­several weeks. The cheaper produce included 15p lemons and a kg of closed cup loose mushrooms for £2.28. A lower price of £2 for Kleenex tissues for men and an ongoing promotion on Old El Paso fajita dinner kits also helped Asda remain cheapest.

At £45.88, Tesco was the second-cheapest retailer for the third week in a row and was 81p more expensive than Asda, although it is closing the gap. Last week it was £2 more expensive than Asda. Lower-priced iceberg lettuce and cheaper 4-packs of Stella Artois helped Tesco reach this position.

Morrisons claimed the third-cheapest spot this week with a basket price of £46.49 after falling to fourth-cheapest last week.

Sainsbury's was fourth-cheapest with a basket costing £47.32.

A week after becoming the most expensive retailer, Somerfield bounced back to come fifth-cheapest with a basket price of £53.46. Waitrose was once again most expensive at £56.96 after a week in fifth place.

Meanwhile, there were more price cuts this week with Somerfield continuing its recent promotional activity by reducing the price of its cheapest own-label kitchen foil by 69% and slashing the price of 6-packs of its cheapest own-label pork pies by 50%.

Asda reduced the price of 6-packs of cheapest own-label white rolls by 100% and Pringles original were 27% cheaper, but it also raised some prices significantly.

A half-price promotion on 8-packs of Danone Actimel original came to an end, while the price of 300ml bottles of Johnson baby lotion soared by 102%. Asda also increased the price of loose oranges by 80%, bucking the trend of its cheaper fresh produce.

At Tesco, McCain Smiles were 50% cheaper, but Dairylea Spread was 102% more expensive than last week.