It has been over a year since Morrisons enjoyed such a strong period of dominance as The Grocer 33's cheapest retailer and this week's list marks its fourth consecutive week of providing the lowest prices. Morrisons £50.50 basket was only 6p cheaper than Asda's but keeping the price of loose broccoli at £1.99 for another week - 99p cheaper than Asda and Tesco's - enabled Morrisons to claim the cheapest basket total. It also offered the cheapest own-label houmous and it had the second-lowest price for the gammon joint behind Somerfield. Eight items in Asda's £50.56 basket were cheaper than at any other retailer. The most noticeable of these was Amoy noodles at 67p, compared with the next best price of 85p, and the premium sausages, which were 31p cheaper than Tesco's equivalent. Sainsbury's, with a £50.70 basket, has climbed to third position by lowering the price of its red seedless grapes by £1 and providing own-label toilet tissue at least 56p cheaper than the other retailers. Its bagged apples were also the cheapest -28p less than last week. Tesco made several price cuts this week but it was not enough to stop it from dropping to fourth position with a £51.56 basket. It reduced the price of its parsnips, cut its prepacked baking potatoes by 3p and took a penny off the broccoli and Sacla pesto. Tesco has only once been the cheapest retailer this year on 16 June. Last week it missed the cheapest-retailer spot by 34p, but the gap has grown by £1.06 this week. Somerfield slashed a whopping £2.64 off the price of its unsmoked gammon joint this week and also provided the cheapest own-label vanilla ice cream and 4-pack of John Smith's Extra Smooth. These cuts mean its basket total was £5.15 cheaper than the Waitrose total. With a £62.22 total, Waitrose is the most expensive retailer for the third consecutive week. Its gammon joint was nearly £3 more than Somerfield's equivalent.