Asda is the UK's cheapest supermarket again this week at £38.26, while Tesco was once again in second place, this week with a basket price of £39.31, 2.7% higher than Asda. Sainsbury was third at £39.80, nudging Morrisons back to fourth place at £40, or 4.5% higher than Asda.

Wheat price increases continue to take hold as Morrisons this week matched a previous increase by the other multiples on Hovis medium wholemeal loaf, increasing it by 6p to 94p.

While coffee prices are expected to rise shortly, the effect has not yet shown as the five largest multiples all held the price of Nescafé Original at £3.78.

Asda's top showing this week was achieved through every day low pricing. It had no special offers on the items in this week's basket.

Sainsbury's ran the biggest number of promotions on items in this week's shopping basket. Customers could save one third on the price of a three-pack of Green Giant Niblets sweetcorn. Sainsbury's also offered a bogof on own label Brussels pâté and Mr Kipling's deep-filled Bramley apple pies at eight for the price of six.

Tesco's only promotion in this week's shopping basket was a half-price offer on McCain Smiles oven chips, regularly £0.92.

Morrisons was light on promotions as well, offering just two multibuys. It offered own label diet cola at three for 99p, a saving on the normal price of 39p; and the Twix biscuit 16-pack at two for £2.00, regularly £1.49.

Somerfield had only one offer on the items in our shopping basket: a 570g bottle of Heinz Tomato ketchup at the same price as the standard 460g size. However, our mystery shopper noted that the Somerfield store she visited was not taking full advantage of the price cuts the company has been working to achieve: four of the items she bought rang up cheaper at the register than their shelfmarked prices.

Waitrose had only one promotion, which was Listerine mouthwash at two for £5, regularly £2.84.