Supermarket featured space offers are back on the up as this week the number of deals hit 1,900 for the first time since the January sales.

Just two weeks ago, the number of deals was at the 1,700 mark, but retailers are upping the visibility of their promotions as the price war trundles on.

The beer & lager category was back in the big time, rejoining the top 10 with 35 deals. The booze on offer would usually retail for £495.61, but this week a shopper could have picked up the lot for just £386.27. The hangover would have been a killer, though.

Stella Artois was the most-promoted brand in the beer & lager category with nine deals. Tesco, which boasted 20 deals, was the place to stock up.

Three categories broke into the top 50 - Quorn & meat replacements, frozen meat products and yoghurts, drinks & juices. Other movers include body sprays & deodorants, which rose six places to 21st and noodles, rice & pulses, up from 38th to 27th place.

The biggest saving - of 60.3% - was Asda's 2-for-£1 deal on Knorr Ragù sauces. Asda was also the place to save the most money, as its 3-for-£10 deal on Lindemans Cellar Selection white wine boasted a £13.94 cash saving.

However, Somerfield was the retailer with the most top 50 deals this week, and its 12 promotions offered a total saving of £30.63.

A shopper buying all 50 of this week's top deals would pay £149.64, saving £129.62 on the rsp of £279.27.