tesco shopping basket

Source: Tesco

Prices have risen across more than 300 products, including baked beans, eggs, fruit & veg and coffee

Tesco may have slashed some prices to welcome in the new year, but it has also hiked the prices of hundreds of own-label products, according to exclusive research compiled by The Grocer.

Using data from Edge by Ascential, The Grocer has uncovered a long list of price hikes on ambient, chilled and frozen products since the beginning of November.

Prices have risen across more than 300 products, including bacon, biscuits, baked beans, cheese, cooked meats, milk, eggs, fresh meat, rice, fruit & veg and coffee.

The supermarket announced on Monday it had slashed the price of hundreds of products until the end of January as it planned to continue last year’s series of 100th anniversary reductions.

CEO Dave Lewis said this week a festive basket of 21 products in Tesco was £2.28 cheaper over Christmas than in 2018.

However, The Grocer found products that had become pricier in Tesco included a six-pack of medium fresh free-range eggs, up 5p to 89p, an 800g loaf of white medium sliced bread, up 4p to 59p, and a 300g pack of chocolate digestives, up 10p to 60p.

Tesco also appears to have put up prices for some food-to-go lines. A 150g pack of salmon and tuna sushi is up from £2.76 to £3.03, the data shows.

It comes after the cost of some commodities has surged over the past year, with skimmed milk powder, pork, sugar and oils among the ingredients now significantly more expensive to buy.

Tesco said it had decreased the non-promotional price of 94 products over the same period as The Grocer’s figures.

“We have made significant price investments to better serve our customers. Our Christmas basket was £2.28 cheaper than last year,” said a Tesco spokeswoman.