The number of consumers using money-off coupons has almost doubled over the past three years according to the latest figures from Valassis.

The clearing house for more than 85% of fmcg coupons in the UK, Valassis said 225 million coupons had been redeemed in the first half of 2012, up from 115 million in the first half of 2009. Redemptions have risen by 14% compared with the second half of last year when 195 million were taken up.

The growth came mainly from coupons issued by retailers, rather than directly from brands, after suppliers moved to distribute money-off vouchers via retailer loyalty schemes.

“The powerful ongoing growth of coupon usage is one of the more remarkable trends in fmcg marketing in recent years,” said Valassis MD Charles D’Oyly. “Coupons have been at the heart of many marketing campaigns, driving consumer spending when shoppers might well have held back.”