Low supplies of yellowfin tuna have driven up prices in the Seychelles. Poor fishing rates raised concerns over sustainability, resulting in the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission imposing a 15% catch reduction for purse seine vessels for 2018.

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Thai skipjack prices have hit their highest levels for three years following a ban on fish aggregating devices, which ended in October. The four-month ban caused a tuna shortage and surging prices as demand outstripped supply. Indications are that prices will begin to ease in November, as buyers hold off on large purchases in anticipation of more purse seiner catches.

Norwegian haddock prices have seen little change over the past year but monthly prices are increasing as the season ends. Upward pressure is added as next year’s haddock quota for the Barents Sea, Norway’s major fishing area, has been estimated 15% lower than 2017 at 202,300 tonnes.

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