Varta V-Man Power Pack
Launched: September 2009
Varta's V-Man Power Pack (rsp: £34.99) has been designed to extend the battery-life of high-drain gadgets, and act as a back-up power source for use on-the-go. It's a portable power unit that charges a range of gadgets including phones, satnavs and digital cameras. It comes with a seven-piece adaptor kit that makes it compatible with most types of mobile phone and mp3 player and, once fully charged from the mains or via the USB port of a computer, stores enough power to fully charge up to two flat mobile phone batteries.

Energizer X8i Intelligent charger
Launched: August 2010
Energizer says it is hoping to simplify rechargeable batteries with the launch of the Energizer Intelligent charger (rsp: £19.99). The company claims it has reacted to consumer demand by adding a countdown clock that tells the user how many hours are left until the batteries are fully charged, as well as a gauge showing how full the batteries are. It also has built-in overcharge protection, and can charge AA and AAA batteries in six to eight hours. And it is finished in a gloss black, to appeal to gadget fans.

Uniross Essential range

Launched: June 2010
Uniross has launched what it claims is the first-ever value range of pre-charged rechargeable batteries that it says cost little more than premium single-use batteries. Uniross Essential consists of four-packs of AAA and AA pre-charged rechargeable batteries (rsp: from £4.99) and two charger packs: a Mini charger with two AAA cells (rsp: £7.99) and a Compact charger with four AA cells (rsp: £9.99). The batteries can be recharged for as little as 1p per charge and can be recharged up to 1,000 times.

Duracell fast 1-hour charger

Launched: February 2010
Duracell revamped its rechargeable products earlier this year. Among the new products which have been designed to look desirable and all feature LED indicators to show the charging status is the Fast 1 Hour Charger (rsp: £32.99).

It comes with two AA and two AAA pre-charged StayCharged cells, which it can charge in one hour. "Design was fundamental to the rebirth of Duracell's range," says Duracell designer Kathleen Baker. "This range fits within the design landscape of intuitiveness and desirability."

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