Kerrygold brought out Honey Spread in April this year, at a premium rsp of £1.79 for a 250g tub. Aimed at "revitalising the butter and spreads aisle", Honey Spread blends Irish butter and honey to provide a sweet alternative to standard butter.

The spread, which was launched across all the retailers, can be used for cooking and baking or on its own, spread on toast, bread or crumpets. Kerrygold brand marketing controller Alison Palmer says that the newcomer is clearly adding value to the category and that sales, boosted by a £1 promotion in Tesco and £1.29 price tag elsewhere, have been promising, with stores averaging 60 units a week.

The company has also teamed up with Irish celebrity chef Rachel Allen to produce recipes using Honey Spread, including Honey Cookies and Chinese Pork.

"Honey Spread is all about convenience," says Palmer. "Combining both honey and spread was something that people wanted. They were getting hacked off with unused jars of crystallised honey gathering dust in the kitchen cupboard. Part of our job now is also to show people how it can be used as a delicious cooking ingredient for tasty recipes."

It's not the only innovation from the brand to hit the supermarket shelves recently. At the end of last month, Kerrygold launched a Spreadable with Irish Butter and Olive Oil variant to tap into the growing popularity of a Mediterranean diet amongst UK consumers.

Kerrygold claims that the product, which is available in full-fat and lighter variants (rsp: £2.80 for a 500g tub a 250g pack will follow shortly), is the first spreadable butter in the UK to blend butter and olive oil with most spreadables currently on the market containing vegetable oils. Kerrygold is also relying on NPD to target consumers who worry about the fat and salt content of butter - hence the release of its Lighter Unsalted variant.

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