Pizza Express passata
Launching: October 2010
All About Food is extending its Pizza Express range with a passata (rsp: £1.09). The tomato paste is the same as that used to make the pizzas in the restaurant chain. A spokeswoman explains it is in a can to differentiate it from other passatas on the market, which are in jars or cartons. It is also how passata is traditionally sold in Italy.

Consumers will recognise it as larger versions are displayed in Pizza Express restaurants, says All About Food. It is intended to be used on homemade pizzas, but can also be used in pasta sauces and in soup.

Princes Fruit Pots
Launching: October 2010
Princes is making its first foray into the £31m ambient fruit pots market with products to attract younger shoppers. Princes Fruit Pots (rsp: £1.19) are 400g family-sized pots containing bite-sized chunks of fruit. They are resealable and can be stored in the fridge for up to three days.

The range, which launches this autumn, comes in three variants: peaches, fruit salad and pineapples in juice. The launch follows research that revealed a gap in the market for ambient fruit aimed at younger consumers and families.

John West Sardines and Mackerel
Launching: October 2010
John West hopes to interest younger and lapsed canned mackerel and sardine shoppers with a range of new products (rsp: 99p-£1.49). It includes two steam-cooked mackerel fillet SKUs (110g), designed to be an alternative to chilled mackerel fillets.

Also launching are canned grilled sardines (100g) that have no added brine or oil, which the company says makes them the most authentic and fresh-tasting canned sardines on the market. Meanwhile, John West Peri Peri Sardines (120g) have been designed to tap into demand for spicy sauces.

Look What We Found premium range

Launched: September 2010 Look What We Found, which has previously kept its prices around the £3 mark, believes consumers will be willing to pay up to £4 for a more premium offering.

"The people who are buying our stuff are serious foodies," says executive chairman Roger McKechnie.

Among the new pouch meals are rosé veal & wild mushroom stroganoff, and venison stew with apricots & juniper (rsp: £3.89-£3.99). They will initially be launched into independents, with the hope of further listings in the multiples.

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