On first impressions, it appears that brands across the cereal aisle have continued to invest in advertising this year, with total ad spend up 2.54% to £72.1m.

However, Kellogg's accounts for more than 70% of the overall investment, with a spend of £64.7m [Billetts]. This means its 5% increase, or £3.2m, is worth more that the category's overall increase. "In the 1930s, our founder WK Kellogg doubled ad spend in the great depression and in turn Kellogg's thrived. We are following his lead and believe continuing to invest in advertising will help us to grow," says Kellogg's sales director Mike Taylor.

Coco Pops, Crunchy Nut and Bran Flakes were the main beneficiaries of the increased investment, but Kellogg's did cut ad spend for Special K, Rice Krispies and Corn Flakes.

Second-biggest spender Nestlé Cereal Partners cut spend by 15.3% overall to £14.7m, with Shredded Wheat, Shreddies and Cheerios bearing the brunt. However, Cheerios was back on screens from last August with a new Aardman animation. It will also have a greater presence on TV in 2010, with a campaign for latest addition Cheerios Crunchers. Shredded Wheat has also returned to the small screen in the past month, with an Ian Botham campaign.

Jordans boosted spend by 241% to £2.9m, and has pledged to increase its ad investment to £6.5m this year, including 30% more on TV.

PepsiCo's Quaker is also planning a bigger 2010. It more than halved investment last year but says this year will be a record one for spend, with ads focusing on the latest NPD from Oat So Simple and new kids' brand Paw Ridge.

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