Given that omega-based frozen food range GO3 bombed following a David Beckham-fronted launch in 2008, it seemed an odd partner choice for Young's.

Yet the two brands announced in May that they were teaming up to produce a five-strong range of healthy frozen fish products in time for the World Cup. The range comprises Young's Fish Fingers, Flipper Dippers, Cod Cakes, Admiral's Pie and Mariner's Pie (rsp: from £1 to £1.99).

"When GO3 first launched, it thought it could be a frozen food ready meal brand but quickly backed away from that idea," says Findus and Young's MD Mark Escolme.

He attributes the fall in GO3's ready meal sales from £237,889 to £94,148 and slump in its fish sales from £218,354 to £66,631 [SymphonyIRI] to its decision to exit the market and focus its future ambition and strategy around being a vitamin supplement.

"The way we're using it is as an ingredient in our current products," he says. "We could have partnered a number of brands, but GO3 resonates with us. For a start, David Beckham is the face of the brand and he's a popular figure who shares our healthy lifestyle and parental values. Also, our launch was timed to coincide with the World Cup, which is fitting."

As part of the £1m-plus campaign, all five products are being sold at a promotional price of £1 during the World Cup. The promotion includes a Superheroes Challenge that encourages children to be more active and healthy, and offers up the prize of meeting Beckham in person.

Participants are invited to post examples of their sporting activities on Facebook and there will be an online vote to determine the winner.

The promotion is being supported by point-of-sale material and an eight-page pullout in The Mirror. Beckham announced he would stand by GO3 in October, despite its plummeting sales and a fire at its factory.

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