Fusions (Birds Eye)
Launched: April 2011
Birds Eye's bid to tap into the £140m convenient rice category features four products combining rice with Birds Eye's frozen vegetables. Consumers can pick from four flavours, including Mediterranean Vegetable and Pilau with Peas and Spinach, in packs of two for £1.79. The launch was backed by a £3.5m media spend highlighting the convenience of the meal, microwaveable in just three minutes Birds Eye also claims the rice will be perfectly steamed and fluffy thanks to its "revolutionary" pyramid steamer.

Mini Frozen Strudel Pan (Surgelati)
Launches: Summer 2011
This is the Italian brand's first foray into the UK, kicking off with three ready-to-bake mini strudels: apple, apricot and chocolate. The snack-size desserts will retail at £2.49 for a 400g bag of 10. Chris Hook, managing director of Blue Fish the agency behind the move says: "We spotted an opportunity to broaden the appeal of frozen desserts".

Simply Heat (Tesco)
Launched: January 2011
Tesco has incorporated the sous vide under vacuum technique into its latest range of ready meals. The technique leaves meat especially tender and the new range can be cooked straight from frozen in an oven, microwave or by boiling. Options include chicken breasts in a rich red wine and mushroom (or classic barbecue) sauce (rsp: £2.50-£8).

Classic Mini Snacks (Daloon)
Launched: September 2010
Daloon has added two new products to its Classics Mini Snacks range: Indian Classics Onion Bhaji Dippers (rsp: £1.25 for a pack of 12 15g pieces) and Oriental Classics Vegetable Dim Sum Selection (four 17g vegetable samosas, four 18g sweet and sour vegetable crackers and four 20g vegetable moneybags per pack (rsp: £1.75).

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