Garden Gourmet vegetarian range (Tivall)
Launched: October 2010
Garden Gourmet is a four-strong range from frozen meat-free specialists Tivall that was launched into 150 Sainsbury's stores in October. Tivall says the range which includes veggie burgers, hot dogs, sausages and 'meatballs' is made using high-quality products based on soy and wheat proteins.

"It is very early days, as we have only been on sale in the UK for three months, but progress has been good," says Justin Dobson, country manager for Tivall UK. "The most popular product so far is the hot dog."

Funny-Mix (Haribo)

Launched: March 2010
Vegetarians have been able to enter the happy world of Haribo since it became an unlikely entrant into meat-free with the launch of its gelatine-free Funny Mix. The company says the product sold in 160g hanging bags containing strawberry, cola bottle and starfish jelly shapes was launched to meet demand for a larger variety of veggie treats.

Vegideli meals (Redwood Wholefood)
Launched: November 2010
Heather Mills' Redwood Wholefood Company entered the ambient category for the first time in November with the launch of three ambient vegan ready meals. Chicken Style Madras Curry, Chicken Style Cacciatore and Sausage & Chorizo Style Casserole were launched under Redwood's Vegideli brand.

Quorn ready meals (Premier Foods)
Launched: January 2011
Premier added Quorn Sausages & Mash, Quorn Sweet & Sour and Quorn Spaghetti & Balls to its ready meals range, which already boasts Quorn Cottage Pie and Quorn Lasagne. The launches coincide with a multimillion-pound advertising campaign to showcase the health credentials of the brand and encourage shoppers to replace meat with Quorn.

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