The total value of the pasta market has stagnated. Last year's 16% growth was followed by an increase of just 0.3%.

The strong growth seen in 2009 came mostly from an increase in price. There has been a slight deflation of the market, with fresh pasta seeing a better performance than its dried counterpart. The fresh filled pasta market played a considerable part in this growth.

Chilled sauce outperformed the market, marking quite a turnaround in comparison with last year. Growth can be attributed to the cook-in and pour-over sectors. Ambient sauce sales growth was due to increased sales of liquid pasta and pizza sauces.

Tesco retains the number one spot within pasta and pasta sauces, showing a healthy overtrade within the sector. In the latest year, however, they underperformed, while Morrisons and Waitrose grew by 10% and 14% respectively.

Promotions in the fresh filled pasta sector have attracted 500,000 new buyers to the sector over the past year. The average household has increased their average spend per year on the fresh filled pasta category by a pound, to nearly £11 in the past year.

Focus On Pasta & Pasta Sauces