Batchelor’s Super Saucy Noodles
Launched: June 2010
Premier Foods responded to consumer demand for an extra taste hit in savoury noodles with the launch of Batchelor's Super Saucy Noodles (rsp: 69p) in June. The noodles, which come in four flavours Chicken with Tomato & Herb Sauce, Beef with BBQ Sauce, Chow Mein with Chinese Sauce, and Curry with Mango Sauce are aimed at consumers who add sauces to Super Noodles.

"Flavour drove the NPD," says Carine San Juan, Premier's head of category savoury. Batchelor's didn't spend a penny on ads last year, but Super Saucey sales were nonetheless "impressive", it said.

Blue Dragon Japanese Noodles
Launched: December 2009
Blue Dragon claims it is pioneering the consumer trend for authentic Japanese cuisine with the launch of Eastern-inspired noodle variants. The range ramen, soba and udon (rsp: £1.09) is part of a new eight-SKU Japanese range from Blue Dragon that also features Yaki and Katsu Curry sauces. It hopes the launch will capitalise on the growing popularity of Japanese cuisine.

"Blue Dragon's aim is to attract new consumers into ambient Oriental food while maintaining authenticity," says Tracy Hughes, consumer and trade marketing controller.

Findus Rice Bags
Launched: April 2010
Frozen food supplier Findus has extended its portionable ready meals range with the launch of Findus Rice Bags (rsp: £3.49). The 1kg resealable bags come in three variants: Chicken Tikka with rice, Chicken Korma with rice and Chilli Con Carne with rice.

"The addition of the three new Rice Bags consolidates the success of the portion control format that Findus has introduced to the category," says Neil Sanderson, business unit director for Findus UK. "We've introduced a new sub-category and we're continuing the brand's legacy of helping to change the face of frozen food as we know it."

Tilda Stir Fry
Launched: August 2010
Tilda says the launch of its four-strong range of Stir Fry rice reflects the growing popularity of stir fry as a cooking technique and meets consumer demand for authentic foods that are quick to prepare. Available in Peking Rice, Kung Po Rice, Thai Red Rice and Thai Green Rice variants (rsp: £1.89), the rice is designed to be combined with chicken, prawns, duck or vegetables to create an authentic Oriental meal.

"This range is completely unique and we believe it will be well received by consumers looking for high quality, healthy foods that are quick and easy to prepare," says Camilla Sheeley, marketing manager for Tilda.

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