If purveyors of enhanced soft drinks are to be believed, there seems to be a potion for any ailment you could care to list (and some you wouldn't want to).

Take Halewood Inter­national's Stimul8, which went on sale in March (rsp: £2.99). The drink is reputed to have aphrodisiac qualities and claims to make "a good night better" thanks to its combination of stimulating ingredients such as ginseng and ginkgo biloba.

But if the excitement is too much, consumers can always kick back with Quick to Sleep (rsp: £2.49), claimed to be the first shot drink to provide a peaceful night's sleep.

"The energy shots market is awash with me-too brands," says Viva Beverages marketing director Scott Lutz. "We are seeking to generate incremental growth and are confident that the liquid shot concept can be just as successful in the relaxation and sleep-aid sectors."

If you're looking for drinks with healing qualities, Oriental specialist Asiana markets products that are popular in the Far East, including O'Sensei's organic aloe vera range (rsp: £1.59), which contains chunks of real aloe vera plant. Asiana also sells the Uni-President's tea range (rsp: 99p to £1.29), which Asiana UK purchasing manager Sandy Lathia says can help to lower cholesterol, boost the immune system and aid weight loss.

However, while there has been plenty of NPD over the past couple of years, future innovation could be under threat because of the difficulty in getting health claims approved by the European Food Safety Authority, says soft drinks industry stalwart Mike Sears of Windfall Drinks.

"There have been scientifically proven benefits to drinking beetroot juice but promoting the benefits can be difficult," says Sears, who brought Pomegreat to market and is currently championing Beet It beetroot stamina shots produced by James White.

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