You could say 2010 was the second coming of SodaStream.

The fizzy drinks machines, invented in 1903, saw a massive 536% sales increase on the back of distribution gains in Asda and Sainsbury's, secured following a major brand relaunch. Although SodaStream's value proposition is a key factor in its rejuvenation, it's the brand's environmental credentials that really resonate with consumers, according to SodaStream UK MD Fiona Hope.

"People are living more responsibly and want to reduce their environmental impact. One of the easiest ways is to cut back on consumption of pre-packaged soft drinks," she says.

SodaStream is just about to kick off a big environmental campaign based on the concept of a world without bottles. The brand aims to highlight how much plastic waste is being generated by people who habitually buy bottled soft drinks, and suggest SodaStream as an environmentally friendly alternative.

SodaStream will also be introducing new natural, better-for-you and functional flavours and new models of drinks makers throughout 2011. The current UK range consists of about 30 flavours ranging from colas and fruit carbonates to energy and isotonic variants. With these functional products in particular, SodaStream's value proposition is a strong selling point.

"If you consider a 250ml can of Red Bull is about £1.30, the equivalent Sodastream energy variant, including gas, works out at around 12p," says Hope. She is confident that SodaStream's renaissance is no flash in the pan and believes the brand's environmental credentials will see it go from strength to strength as the economic recovery continues.

"The benefit will come to the fore even more as we move out of recession, because people always want to make the right choices for the environment but sometimes they don't feel they can afford to make them. If anything, our momentum will grow."

SodaStream became a public company in November after it floated on the NASDAQ stock market, raising $109.5m in its initial public offering, a move Hope says will enable the company to make significant investments in the brand throughout 2011.

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