Haliborange Kids Vitamin D Calcium Softies (Seven Seas)
Launched: January 2011
Strawberry-flavoured and chewable, each softie contains 250mg of calcium and 100% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin D, which aids the body's absorption of calcium. The one-a-day softies are free from gluten, yeast, wheat and artificial colours. Available at major supermarkets, pharmacies and health food shops, they sell at £5.10 for 30, launching alongside blackcurrant-flavoured Vitamin C Immune Softies.

Spatone Apple (Nelsons)
Launched: February 2011
Spatone Apple is a natural, apple-flavoured liquid iron supplement with added vitamin C. Available exclusively from Boots at £9.95 for 28 sachets (four weeks' worth), it was launched as an on-the-go version of the core Spatone product, with each sachet containing the same amount of iron as 8lbs of broccoli. Spatone is sourced from the Trefriw Wells Spa.

Thisilyn Milk Thistle (Schwabe)
Launched: January 2011
Thisilyn Milk Thistle contains 50mg of silymarin, which protects the liver from alcohol damage and premature ageing (rsp: £9.99 for 30 capsules), while Thisilyn Maximum Strength Milk Thistle contains 108mg of silymarin (rsp: £12.99 for 30). Used to relieve the symptoms of over-indulgence in food and drink, the capsules are available from Holland & Barrett.

Probiotic 10 (Holland & Barrett)
Launched: March 2011
The World Health Organisation defines probiotic bacteria as "live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host". Holland & Barrett's new Probiotic 10 (rsp: £22.49 for 120 capsules) contains 10 billion cultures of beneficial bacteria naturally found throughout the digestive system.

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