Super Doopers

Launched: February 2010
Northern Irish Dale Farm launched its first children's yoghurt under the Rowan Glen brand last month. Super Doopers children's yogurts contain whole milk and real fruit purée. One pot of Super Doopers provides 15% of a child's RDA of calcium and they are suitable for children from weaning onwards. Super Doopers are available in strawberry, raspberry, banana and peach, and come in a four-pack with an rsp of £1.49.

There are also four accompanying Super Doopers cartoon characters called Sammy Strawberry, Ruby Raspberry, Bertie Banana and Penny Peach.

Rachel's Pouring Yoghurt
Launched: March 2010
Rachel's is taking on that staple of the English breakfast milk with a milder, thinner yoghurt that consumers can pour over cereal. The range come in three flavours: natural; natural with a twist of honey; and natural with a twist of strawberry. The yoghurts, which went into supermarkets in early March, are packaged in a pot with a spout to ensure breakfasting Brits drench their cereal and not their clothes.

Rachel's has targeted £3m to £5m sales in the first year and hopes to kickstart growth in the natural yoghurt sector.

Onken Fat-free flavours
Launched: January 2010
Onken has expanded its range of fat-free yoghurts with the addition of vanilla and pink grapefruit flavours. Onken's existing fat-free yoghurts come in strawberry and natural flavours. Fat-free pink grapefruit contains chunks of real fruit. Both yoghurts are almost 100% fat-free and have an rsp of £1.15 for a 450g pot.

The new flavours come after Onken unveiled a limited-edition coconut yoghurt in September last year, supported by advertising in national newspapers and women's magazines as part of a £500,000 campaign to highlight the whole range.

Nom Bourbon vanilla
Launched: March 2010 Nom Dairy has added a bourbon vanilla flavour yoghurt with a portion of Belgian chocolate-coated raisins to its Naturally Creamy split-pot range (rsp: 49p). The new flavour marks Nom's debut into confectionery-style yoghurts. It also represents a further assault on Müller's market share, as it will be seen as a rival to Müller's Crunch Corners.

More than 50% of the split pot market is confectionery-based and the confectionery yoghurt market as a whole has grown 22.5% over the past year, according to Nom Dairy.

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