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Brits nationwide have been forced to rethink their weeknight pasta rituals as pesto disappears from shelves

Pesto lovers are having a tough time. Market leader Saclà has recalled a swathe of SKUs amid fears they could be contaminated with undeclared peanuts. What’s more Aldi, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and Tesco have recalled own-label jars of pesto too.

As a result, shelves have been left bare and supermarkets are hiking prices on the few unaffected pesto lines - forcing Brits nationwide to rethink their weeknight pasta rituals.

Pesto crisis: is the UK’s recall system fit for purpose?

But as we ponder this culinary conundrum, let’s all spare a thought for peanut allergy sufferers. While most of us will soon see pesto return to shelves, they’ll be unable to eat it.

Because rather than reformulate or find a new supply of uncontaminated cashews, Saclà, Sainsbury’s and Tesco have all chosen to re-label their pesto with warnings it may contain peanuts. It means people with a peanut allergy will be forced to either opt for more expensive pesto made with pine nuts - or ditch it from their diets.

So yet again, allergen sufferers are those paying the highest price. And that just seems like an unfair cop-out.