Pret sandwich

Pret’s determination to protect choice and improve information should be emulated by high street chains and supers selling food to go

You’ve got to hand it to Pret. Less than eight months ago, the deaths of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse and Celia Marsh had thrown some serious doubts over its food safety policies.

But this week, as it begins a national rollout of full ingredient labelling, the chain has emerged as a pioneer.

Crucially, Pret isn’t trying to adopt a precautionary ‘may contain’ approach - a move that would simply reduce choice for people suffering from serious food allergies in the UK.

Instead, it’s taking steps to ensure more people can enjoy its food without worry - such as by removing unnecessary allergens and providing tablets that allow customers to search the menu for food they can eat.

Food allergen labelling consultation: what are the options?

It’s right, of course, that Pret is taking a lead on these issues. But its commitment to change should still be commended.

And its determination to protect choice and improve information should be emulated - not only by other high street outlets, but by supers selling food to go.

Pret has undoubtedly learnt some painful lessons. Now it’s time for everyone to take those lessons to heart and make the high street a safer place to eat.