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Food retailers and redistribution charity FareShare have announced their partnership has redirected 22,000 tonnes of food to charities in the past year.

The food, which has been redistributed to organisations such as food banks, community centres and schools, is the equivalent to over 57 million meals for vulnerable people.

According to an analysis by the BRC and FareShare, more than 8,000 charities benefited from the scheme, helping almost one million people in 2022.

FareShare also redistributed over 1,000 tonnes of food donated directed by supermarket customers through the retailers’ donation boxes, helping tens of thousands of families in the UK.

“The work by FareShare and the major food retailers is supporting households around the country at a difficult time,” said BRC CEO Helen Dickinson.

FareShare CEO George Wright added: “We simply would not be able to support our network of charities and community groups without supermarkets. These charities help tackle the root causes of poverty, and provide vital wraparound services including after-school and breakfast clubs, homelessness shelters and domestic violence refuges.

“This food is crucial at a time when millions are being forced into food insecurity, and also acts as a gateway to other services, supporting people facing isolation and loneliness, and strengthening the local community. In times of crisis, our retail partners have stepped up to help distribute the equivalent of millions of meals, which would have otherwise gone to waste.

“The historic partnership between FareShare and retailers has also prevented the wasteful emissions of thousands of tonnes of CO2e. We look forward to building our relationship with the retail sector, and getting more of this food to people, not waste.”