one stop


One Stop has added almost 300 lines to its single pick range to help franchisees save on waste and costs.

It claimed stores could now save an average of £100 per week on markdown and waste with the new single pick lines, which run across all categories including a strong focus on chilled and produce.

The change aims to reduce stockholding and improve cashflow as well as improving on shelf availability and freshness.

One Stop said it would absorb the increased picking costs of all the additional single picked lines to protect retailer margins.

The franchise has also added more than 20 slow-selling tobacco lines to the single pick range to free up retailer cashflow.

“My customers already love the range and prices, so it’s great that the wider choice of single pick products allows me to offer them even better availability and freshness,” said One Stop Prestatyn owner Aleem Choudhry.

“One of the key benefits to us is not having to worry about waste and markdown as much, when wanting to introduce new products into the range. It’s also much simpler to manage with a reduced need to replenish from stock.”

One Stop head of operations John Miller said: “In franchise we focus on driving sales, reducing costs and creating efficiencies that help franchisees’ margins. Single picked lines help with all of the above and more importantly, delivers a better customer shopping experience through greater availability.”