Tesco chicken breast

Tesco has revamped the packaging on its 300g chicken breast portions in a bid to reduce waste and keep food fresher for longer.

The retailer has claimed a UK first with the new packaging - introduced today - which will now see the product’s two chicken breast portions placed in separate compartments, with a tear seal between the two.

The new packaging, developed by Tesco in partnership with poultry supplier Cargill and packaging supplier Linpac, would allow shoppers to “eat one and keep one” and retain a fully sealed pack in the fridge, which kept the product fresher, Tesco commercial director for fresh food and commodities Matt Simister said, and would provide an easier storage solution for chicken.

“We are the first retailer in the UK to launch this pack,” he added. “We will not be charging a premium to our customers for the pack, compared to the existing packaging. Tesco will be absorbing the extra production costs because we want to help our customers reduce food waste without asking them to pay anything extra.”

The packaging revamp is part of a wider 11-point plan by Tesco to reduce food waste at source, in store and at home, and comes after Tesco CEO Dave Lewis endorsed The Grocer’s Waste Not Want Not campaign earlier this month, and urged the entire industry to get behind the cause.