MRH Retail is putting all of its 489 sites under a single water and wastewater services contract for the first time, in a move it expects to deliver savings of at least £67,000.

The petrol forecourt retailer has signed a three-year deal with Wave, a joint venture between Anglian Water Business and NWG Business.

The deal extends an existing arrangement MRH had with Wave for its Scottish forecourts.

Now Wave will supply MRH’s entire network of branded Esso, BP and Shell stations to provide both financial and environmental benefits.

The arrangement in Scotland is said to have delivered savings of £23,000 on water and wastewater over the past three years.

Services in the new deal includes Active Water Management - which helps identify unusual water usage patterns or high consumption.

Wholesale query resolution, account management and new billing regimes to provide real-time billing data will be extended to all sites.

“Wave has helped us make significant operational cost savings across our Scottish sites, so the company was the natural choice for consolidating our water and wastewater supply needs across the whole of our network,” said MRH support services manager Robert Swann.

“This is the first time we have put all sites in England and Scotland under a single water contract, and we anticipate considerable time-saving and management benefits in addition to the efficient service and competitive pricing we know Wave can deliver.”