The Kellogg's brand name is appearing in chilled cabinets in Germany, with the launch of a twin-compartment cereal product.
Kellogg's Fjølk & Corn Flakes comprises a portion of multi-grain Corn Flakes with a separate serving of "fjølk", which is described as a fresh, mild yogurt-milk made with Scandinavian cultures.
The product is sold chilled in a 125g plastic tub with two compartments, with a plastic "snack spoon". Retail price is about ¤0.70, approximately 45p.
The Fjølk is supplied by Starmilch of Fulda, whose brand logo appears on the side of the pack, and is made with 1.5% fat sour milk, fruit sugar and oligofructose. The cereal flakes contain 34% whole grain wheat, 32% maize and 21% rice, together with sugar and malt flavour. They are additionally fortified with B vitamins and iron. In addition to this health-oriented adult variety, Kellogg has also introduced a variety for children, based on Frosties Crrrunchy Choco cereal with vanilla yogurt.
Kellogg has experimented before with convenience-oriented cereals. In the UK, in 2001, the company introduced To Go Twinpots, an "on-the-go" breakfast solution comprising a portion of cereal, a portion of extended life semi-skimmed milk and a sachet of sugar, presented in a plastic "bowl". Although it was positioned at the front of store alongside fresh sandwiches, the price point of 80p for a 30g pack deterred some consumers.
That product was sold shelf-stable, but best served chilled, and retailed at around

The new product in Germany carries a lower price point, and also has the advantage of a unique ingredient (fjølk), which adds value to the basic cereal proposition and draws the consumer's attention. Kellogg cereals also appear in Müller twin-pot yogurts, although these have not been launched in the German market.