Company: Heineken
Rsp: £5.50/six-pack
Competition: Peroni, Corona, Beck’s
The sell: Foster’s Gold is a more sophisticated version of the brand for lads to be seen drinking when out with the ladies

The consumer

In a bottle, and with a lower alcohol content, Foster’s Gold compares pretty well with the good old tinnie version. It’s refreshing and easy to drink though being served ice-cold is a necessity, of course. However, this drink does not have the depth of flavour I prefer and I can’t help thinking those Aussies would reckon we’re a load of Sheilas for drinking their lager out of bottles. Three stars (out of five)
Dan Barker, electrician, Norfolk

The expert
The first thing to notice about Foster’s Gold is the lack of the word Foster’s on the neck label, although the ‘F’ that remains makes the brand obvious. Really, this is Foster’s Ice for a new generation, with a lower abv and a sexily ergonomic embossed bottle to boot. This is a very easy-drinking beer at a very appealing price and it’s got great unisex appeal it will certainly attract a new female drinker without being unnecessarily girly. Very nice indeed! Five stars
Amy Bird, assistant trading manager, Spar UK

The Grocer
Foster’s Gold does a pretty good job of living up to its Goldfinger-inspired advertising. The bottle has some elegant curves to remind the young Bond of the purpose of his night out. And, like a smart pen, it has a discreet dimple grip that could come in handy for those who struggle to hold their drink. As for the taste, it is neat, classy and understated to the point of being slightly nondescript. The real 007 might perhaps order something a little more virile. Four stars
Guy Montague-Jones, senior reporter